IT Authorities Launches SAP Functional Support As A Service

TAMPA, Fla., October 18, 2017 —Are your users consistently waiting to get answers to common SAP functional day to day problems? Does your business come to a halt with complex SAP cross-functional issues? IT Authorities’ new service offering removes the SAP support bottleneck.

“Having over 25 years in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, it’s obviously apparent to me that businesses constantly wrestle with the SAP functional support model, balancing resource cost and service levels,” said Pete Bober, Chief Customer Officer, and executive sponsor of the SAP service offerings. “With IT Authorities SAP Functional Support Services, all facets of the end user community are assisted with real-time spot training, workarounds or quick answers to questions, as examples.”

In addition to the above services, IT Authorities SAP Functional Support Services handle critical event management and complex process issues that require a deep level of analysis thereby providing freedom from balancing the cost of resource utilization and availability to meet the ever-growing demand of supporting business functionality. This provides the ability to move forward with a service model that guarantees results every day and more importantly when needed in a time of crisis.

By providing real-time access to SAP functional support specialists that know your business processes IT Authorities SAP Functional Services are positioned to deal with issues quickly and efficiently. Using a unique combination of our experience and industry knowledge mapped to the customer business process leads, the delicate balance between customer satisfaction and business cost is realized. IT Authorities’ integrated technology and SAP Functional Support Services provide a model that enables end users the means to get support and not be hindered by guessing who to contact. The Enterprise Help Desk and SAP Business Support staff work in concert to ensure issues are dealt with quickly. IT Authorities takes on the resource utilization and availability risks and provide predictive IT costs.

“It is all about keeping the business running, reducing cost, and ensuring the Business Process Leads are not burdened by day to day support issues,” said Tony Sousan, Chief Revenue Officer. “The service allows your Business Process Leads to focus on driving innovation and moving the business forward.”

About IT Authorities

IT Authorities, a world-class IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Tampa, Florida, was founded in 2006. Its 153+ person team is available 24/7 to offer IT services under the managed services umbrella including Enterprise Help Desk, Mission Critical Support Services and Cloud Services to its clients. IT Authorities is passionate about helping businesses increase profit, improve productivity, and function with peace-of-mind, being assured that its IT systems are in the most reliable and secure state, and their people are being taken care of in a world-class manner. Visit or call at 866-587-5211 to learn more.


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